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Carolyn Carr is a multi-media artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work addresses the battle and attendant healing inherent in the struggle to establish personal identity within a cultural landscape. This exploration evolves through research, and a slow making process, whether that be paintings, artist books, pinhole cameras, short films, or clay sculptures--hand built or on the wheel; Carr deliberately creates through reenacting traditions of her native south. Through this meditative process, and embedded in her culture,  she reconsiders this rich history to illustrates how cultural histories profoundly influence narratives enacted in daily, ordinary domestic life and the stories we tell.

 (b. 1966) Carr received her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art. The work, exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Asia and Europe including the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA; BIG POND Artworks, Munich, Germany; Artists Space, New York, NY; 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong; the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC; and the High Museum of Art and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA., has been critically received and reviewed in numerous publications.

In addition to the studio practice, she currently sits on the boards of the Forward Arts Foundation and the Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center, advocating for fellow artists. Past board work includes the Fulton County Arts Council (2014-2018), and the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association.

In 1996  Carr and husband Michael Gibson purchased an old barn, in Snake Nation a.k.a. Castleberry Hill. In November of 2003, in addition to renting space to friends who were also creatives, they founded  Upcoming artists being presented during Atlanta Celebrates Photography list: September/Karen Tauches, October/Basim Magdy, November/ Hank Willis Thomas.  

UPCOMING 2018-2019

Untitled Fair, Miami
Marisa Newman Projects

Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta

City of Atlanta Gallery 72
Curated by Kevin Sipp, Atlanta