(b. 1966) Carolyn Carr is a multi-media artist based in Atlanta, Georgia.   Carr received her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art.  Her work, exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Asia and Europe including the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA; BIG POND Artworks, Munich, Germany; Artists Space, New York, NY; 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong; Marisa Newman Projects, New York;  the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC; and the High Museum of Art and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA. has been critically received and reviewed in numerous publications. 

2016  Savannah College of Art, Photography,  Studio lecture for Michael James O'Brien (Associate Chair of photography)  students from Professor The Fabricated Image class at for Savannah College of Art and Design. 

2015 The Georgia Institute of Technology,  Visiting Critic for Design Studio with Herman Howard working on a case study- for Andalusia, the family home of Flannery O'Conner.

2010 Fine Art Department, Studio lecture for drawing students of  William Downs Georgia State University Art Class.

A User's Guide to Modern and Contemporary Art, Studio Talk led by Lisa Kurzner, with Craig Drennen, organized by The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

2005 Art Paths: Alternative Careers in the Visual Arts, ArtTable, College Art Association Conference Atlanta, Georgia.

2004 Transitions II, The Georgia Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA

In addition to the studio practice, she works on the boards of the Forward Arts Foundation and the Cherokee Garden Library--at the Atlanta History Center, advocating for fellow artists. Previous board work includes the Fulton County Arts Council (2014-2018), and the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association.

1996 For studio space, Carr and husband Michael Gibson purchased (from brothers Wynn and Ty Pennington) a forgotten old barn Stable 1897  in Snake Nation a.k.a. Castleberry Hill.   "The name Snake Nation is of unknown derivation that was used by the public press during the late-1840s and early 1850s to identify  a settlement along Peters Street from the railroad crossing South Fair Street (that was) devoted almost entirely to the criminal and immoral element."  Franklin Garrett confirms in his Atlanta and Environs.  "Snake Nation was the tenderloin district of the young town for many years." He also commented that law and order were perilously close to extension by 1851. The Atlanta City Council was in deep distress about the faro dens, cockfighting, drinking, prostitution, thievery, and murderous environments. When the 'Orderly' party won the election for mayor, a large body of disguised Atlantans raided Snake Nation and tried to burn it down." The building-Stable 1897, home to the studio, escaped the fire. Over the years they have rented studios to fellow creative Atlantans: Angus Brown (Chef), William Downs (Art Studio), Herman Howard (Studio H Architecture Planning Environments (SHAPE), Marcia Wood (Residence), Fay Gold (Exhibition Space), Paul Pendergrass (Writing Studio), Daniel Soder (photographer, designer, and sculptor), JD Walsh (Contemporary Artist)--to name just a few who have contributed to the buildings ongoing history. 

In 2003 Carolyn Carr with Michael Gibson (fellow artist and husband) started in the garage of one of Castleberry Hill’s old warehouse buildings. They offer Artists and Curators they know to have a shows. The programming is sporadic but ongoing.




The Cherokee Garden Library Collection



The Cherokee Garden Library (on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center) is a public library for those interested in gardening, landscape design, garden history, horticulture, floral design, botanical art, cultural landscapes, natural landscapes and plant ecology. It is Home to over 32,000 books, photographs, manuscripts, seed catalogs, and landscape drawings. These rare and valuable resources tell the story of horticulture and botanical history in the Southeastern United States and areas of influence throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

For more information about Cherokee Garden Library, please contact Garden Library Director, Staci Catron, at 404.814.4046 or

Learn more about Seeking Eden, an exhibition that shares the stories of some of Georgia’s most fascinating historic landscapes, public and private, and describe how they’ve evolved over the decades.



The Atlanta HUMANe Society has been the leader in the humanE treatment of animals form the beginning. Below are Our A.H.S. rescues— Molly and Blu. In this picture-They are playing in a secret, Downtown Atlanta meadow.

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Preserving the Lands & Advancing the Legacy

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Hyde Park Foundation promotes the legacies 
of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by supporting the preservation and enhancement of the National Historic Sites at Hyde Park, New York.

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